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All about Fat Burners

UNDERSTANDING FAT BURNERS  As you consult a professional physical trainer for losing weight, in most likeliness in addition to a diet chart, he would also prescribe some fat burners to you. As you get to know about fat burners, you would certainly get inquisitive and would want to know what…

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Why do we need Fat?

THINGS YOU NEVER KNEW ABOUT FAT Although the whole world runs after losing it, the fact is that fat is an essential part of human body and you cannot live without it. SURPRISE! Fat is a naturally occurring oily substance that is found in animal and human bodies as a…

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What is Cardio HIIT?

  All about CARDIO HIIT  People who have been on weight losing spree try out many things to burn fat. Cardio training is an important part of any weight loss training program. When it comes to Cardio training programs, the latest buzzword in the field is Cardio HIIT.   While…

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JT Home Fit Testimony

 JT Home Fit



JT Home Fit is web page created to show the people that just by doing one hour or less a day of home exercises you can have a great and healthy body.

That you don´t have to go to the gym 24/7, neither to do extreme diets. Just with a small but efficient weight´s equipment or no equipment at all, cardiovascular tools and good flexible diet you can do significant changes in your body by practicing home workouts.

As you can see in the picture above, I went through a lot of changes from December of 2014 to April 2015,I am not a professional in fitness neither a certified trainer; I am just a normal guy who one day started doing home exercises and now I just want to help you by giving tips, guides and advice that worked for me on how to feel healthy and comfortable with yourself.

I am not going to lie to you; it’s going to be difficult but its worth it, If I could do it I am pretty sure that everybody can do it!!

“If you what is easy life would be hard, but if you do what hard, eventually life would be easy.”

By Jt03

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