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My adventure in the fitness world

Let me formally introduce myself, my name is Juan Tenorio I am from Panama, I am 26 years old, and as all of us I have some obligations in my life,

I work as a flight attendant, currently studying at college and now I have started a business which consumes me quite some time.

As you can see I am very busy and normal guy that for a while was not taking care of his weight, as may have noticed in the picture of my home page.

 And my weight adventure BEGIN!!

To be honest, I did not care at all about my weight, because when I was younger, I ate a lot and meant A LOT!! But I never gain weight (Happy days that will never return JAJAJA).

But time passes, started to get older, and started working, begin studies and projects, and I completely forgot about my weight, then the adventure began.

A simple situation that changed everything

As I mention before I never care about my weight, until one day that I went to my favorite clothing store and saw a shirt that I loved it, I wanted to buy it so badly, but GUEST WHAT!!…

The shirt did not fit me the buttons felt too tight, they looked as they were going to explode, and I felt so sad and mad about it.

Then, after that horrible situation, I decided to change my eating habitats and started training, and doing something that I felt happy doing and of course most importantly is that finally after a hard work I bought that shirt.


Since October 26 of 2014, I started training from my home and as you can see in the picture, thanks to the perseverance and desire that I put into this;

I can´t say that I have the perfect body, but I have a body which I feel very satisfied and happy with.

So that’s why I created this webpage to show people that don´t have enough time to go to the gym every day, to show them that it can be done from your home.

That you do not have to spend much money, make too extreme dieting or being addicted to the gym to get a good and healthy body.

With effort and persistence, NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE!!.

I hope you like my page and if you think I can improve something, please leave your opinion in the comments section.

Thanks and welcome