All you need to know about Bulking season

All you need to know about Bulking season

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 All the aspects of Bulking Season

Muscle routines for bulking up are the most used in the gym today, as they are the easiest and most common to do. The main objective of this routines is to promote muscle hypertrophy,

To start bulking up is not enough doing only a volume routine, You need to accompany with a diet in rich in carbohydrates and protein.
One of the most important points to increase your muscle mass is to make a high-calorie diet allows the acquisition of new tissue.

For example, you should try to get 60 calories per kilo of body weight, in some cases, this figure can rise to 70 or 80, depending on the metabolism of each.

For you to have an idea of what is a diet to increase muscle mass, is the one that is composed of 55-60% carbohydrate, 25-30% protein, and 10-15% fat.

One the most common mistake in a bulking season is to do too many exercises and start doing routines with weights that you can´t handle, that makes us overtrained the muscle and it will lead your muscle mass to stop increasing and instead it will start stagnating.

In muscle volume routines aerobic exercise is not a priority and should be reduced to three days a week maximum although it is important not to discard it completely.

Essential rules to gain body mass during Bulking season

  • The two most important moments to eat for bulking is as soon as you wake up and after a workout.

           The breakfast is the most important meal of the day because you will need energy in your body to train hard,                so make sure most of your breakfast consists of protein, carbohydrates, and perhaps some other accompaniment, for example, a greek yogurt.

           The other crucial time to eat is after a workout because it is the time when the cells of your body are more receptive to recover the energy you just spent.

  • High-calorie intake

The most important thing is to consume enough calories to have energy to exercise and metabolic processes needed to build muscle, Most people consume about 2,500 to 3,500 extra calories a week to increase half a kilogram of muscle in those 7 days.

  • Not always do the same workout routine

Your body changes only when you force it, and it adapts very quickly to new stimuli. If you think your progress has stalled, that’s probably what’s happening, the best way to avoid this stagnation is changing your routines and increasing the weights.

  • The ideal rep range to start bulking up is 8-15

To optimize for muscle growth should lift a weight that is between 60 and 80 percent of the maximum you can lift in one repetition.



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