All you need to know about Cutting season

All you need to know about Cutting season

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All the aspects of Cutting Season 

One of the greatest desire of all people nowadays is to have a lean and shaped body, the times where people wanted a big muscular body are gone, a fit but the shaped body is the new “dream body”.

And This is why people are looking for what is called as cutting season that basically is to increase the loss of most body fat while maintaining as much muscle as possible.

People in general who exercise with weights most of the year they spend performing volume routines because they are most common one, but when they want to start to see some abs or to see more shaped muscle, everybody needs to start doing cutting routines.

Essential Tips when you’re in cutting season

A) Continue the habit of eating several times a day to keep metabolism accelerated
B) You must reduce your intake of carbohydrates, except at breakfast and after training, and try that after 6 pm not to consume them. IMPORTANT, since you are reducing a number of carbohydrates you need to increase the quantity of protein in your diet, remember the most import aspect of fitness is the nutrition with proper meals.
C) routines definition have to do more intense, more active, generally using techniques of high intensity as supersets, compound series, tri-series, descending sets, reduce the rest time between sets since the goal is to burn more calories during the session weights.
D) During the cardio routines definition becomes more important, it is essential to do cardio 20-30 minutes 4-6 times a week, cardio fasting is excellent to increase fat.

E) You can do cardio on an empty stomach, one the best way to increase the fat burning.

Objectives of Cutting season

A)Maintain high metabolic rate. (For fat burning is greater)
B)Empty glycogen (carbohydrates that muscle used as fuel)
C)Maintain muscle mass.


Another goal or objective of the cutting season is getting empty the muscle glycogen stores to induce our body use deposits difficult to mobilize fatty acids.


REMEMBER, when we want to begin your cutting season, this phase should start it once we’ve got a good muscle base, that is obtained through a bulking season.



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