Cardio before Breakfast

Cardio before Breakfast

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Cardio on empty stomach

Cardio is one most efficient strategy for weight loss. It proves to be beneficial in both the conditions; fasted or not fasted. But the research has shown that to lose fat in a very effective way is to practice cardio on an empty stomach or before your breakfast.

Many people have tried the cardio 3 to 5 times a week before breakfast and have seen dramatic changes in their body. Moreover, the cardio before breakfast proves to be effective as it does not take hours to lose fat like it takes in a treadmill.

How does it work on your body?

The cardio before breakfast proves to be beneficial as it will burn the stored fat. When you have to workout, you need to have sufficient energy. Now when you are on an empty stomach where you will be getting that energy?

So, the answer is that in this condition, the body will break the stored fats and use them as fuel. In other words, this means that cardio before breakfast will help you to access and burn more fat of your body more efficiently.


The investigation has proved that cardio before breakfast increases the efficiency of lipolysis by 20% as compared to cardio done at fed state. The metabolic rate will be revved up in next 24 hours and fat will be burned when you are doing the cardio in fasted condition.

It has measured that the fat loss in cardio before breakfast and after breakfast both are good, but cardio on an empty stomach proves to be more beneficial and more efficient way.

The human body takes time to adapt to the changes that occur. When cardio is finish, the body starts with the fat burning process which brings change in the regular system of the body. Thus it takes a long time to get results of cardio.

Usually, for a maximal fat loss, you should have six sessions of 30 to 45 minutes of regular cardio a week. Instead, by practicing only 20 to 25 minutes cardio before breakfast 3-5 times a week, you will increase the fat loose in your body.

My recommendation

Cardio on an empty stomach or before breakfast is a very exhausting activity to do, So what I recommend is that before you start doing this cardio stretch your body, take a protein shake and during the workout consume BCAA for the recovery your body.

Also after you finish the next thing to do is to eat your breakfast so your body will not get into muscle catabolism.



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