Everything about your ABS!!

Everything about your ABS!!

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Most people in the world of fitness aspire to get that dream masculine body target at working out on the abs muscles before anything else. It is that magical six packs that they all run for.

In the process, by doing home exercises they tend to do sit-ups, bicycle crunches, front planks and what not. However, not every time these will help in chiseling the dream six packs from your belly. It is thus required that before working out on them; you know all about the abs muscles and how they are constituted.


Constitution of abdominals muscles

Abdominal muscles are actually a large group of muscles, each one of which has a definite function and the collective group of muscles are responsible for protecting the spine and giving you that perfect posture that everyone is looking for.
The four main muscles that the abdominal is constituted with are Rectus abdominous, which is the most superficial of all the muscles and when developed gives the dream six packs look to your abs.

The other important muscles are Transverse abdominous, internal obliques, and the external obliques, the last two being on the both sides of the abs.

“MUST DO” to get that SIX


Now that you are well versed with the abdominals muscles, you would certainly be eager to learn how to train them. Getting the right shaped abdominals muscles requires some hard work and a lot of routine following.
1. Add enough protein in your diet.
2. Eat a good quantity of carbs after working out. Carbs would help in building, shaping and giving energy to your muscles.
3. Focus on your diet (The nutrition is the most important aspect)
4. Try doing exercises like squats, leg lifts, sit-ups, pull-ups using a horizontal bar, and pushups. Those exercises will work your abs as a secondary muscle.
5. You also can do a lot of cardio workouts to help lose the belly fat.


Crucial tips for your abs

  • You should not train them every day.
  • Allow a rest day after training them.
  • Drink amino acids during your workout.
  • Overdoing the muscles could lead to burning them out or even cause injury to them.
  • Do the abs routine after a cardio workout or after a weight routine
  • Exercises the different muscles of your abs




  1. It is a joke between my wife and I about the dream of having six-pack abs. Having the extra info of what the muscles are that one is exercising and how they work is very helpful.
    You mention the need to increase your protein intake and eat plenty of carbs after a workout. What suggestions do you have as to what to eat? Would having an omelette for breakfast and a good steak dinner be a start in having proper nutrition?
    Thanks for the suggestions.


    • Hi duncan, yes for breakfast the omelette is great source of protein as for the dinner a good steak is also a great source protein but is very important the size of the steak that should be no bigger than the size of your fist and another think to remember for dinner decrease the amount of carbs and increase the amount of vegetables.

      Thank you for comments and I hope I have answer your questions.

  2. I hear what you’re saying. But I think most people just focus on ab exercises thinking it will shrink their stomachs and give them the 6 pack. You’re absolutely right, focusing on diet is a big part of it. As far as exercises go, I like planks and variations of it, really gives your abs a good workout.

  3. I realize diet is the one thing I have trouble with as far as discipline is concerned. I like most people have heard many times what kinds of food need to be eaten for abs.

    As far as ab training is concerned. How do I avoid overtraining considering that you said abs get worked out second during squats, pull ups, and push ups? Do I just have one ab workout day?


    • Hi jessie thanks for the comment, Yes the food is the most importan aspect to have great abs, I trained abs between days… for example if do abs on monday then the next day I will train them will be on wednesday…

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