How to do workouts at home

How to do workouts at home

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 Home workouts for beginners

Having a good and healthy body is something that most people dream of, we see this guy on the social platforms with these amazing body, and we ask ourselves how he did it?

And then we start saying “I will love to have that body” but let’s be honest sometimes we don’t have enough time and neither money to go to the gym!!!

So, what should you do? Just look at those individuals who are enjoying a good physique or you should try something different.

Well, you better get out of bed

and start doing workouts at home!!”

Whether you don´t have the time or lack the confidence in the weight room, doing home exercises will give you the necessary confidence and also allow you to progress at a pace that will fit your body style.

7 Must do to start doing workouts at home

1.Break-Proof your space

To begin doing workouts at home, you will need the proper exercise equipment like dumbbells, rack, and barbell or kettlebells. The place in your home where you will be training, should have a right space at your home and put some mat on the floor. It is necessary for situations when you will drop off weights.

Also, try to avoid areas near the windows as if you are using kettlebells you may face a problem when you lose grip!

2. Set a Routine

One of the most important aspects before beginning doing workouts at home is setting a routine and follow it. In a similar way, you set a routine for yourself at the gym you will need to it for your home exercises and strictly adhere to it to get better results.

For example, you may train your upper body on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday your lower body.

Or you can be more specific on Mondays you can do chest with biceps, Tuesday Back with triceps, Wednesday Shoulder with legs or as the get more confident you can start doing a day only to exercises your legs.

3. Workout the upper body

To get good results, you must train your upper body for at least twice a week if not more. You also need to leave at least a full day in between two consecutive upper body workout so that the muscles get time to rest and recover in the meantime.

While doing the exercises like chest press, shoulder press, bent over row, triceps extensions, triceps dips, biceps curls, closed biceps curls, pull-ups you can use 2-pound dumbbell at the beginning and try out moderate repetitions.

As you find confidence and feel stronger gradually, you can increase the repetitions.While increasing the weights make sure that you can do at least eight reps with each particular workouts at home.

4. Bring up the booty

In a similar way, you should also train your lower body at least twice a week while you do home workouts.

This one is the most annoying muscle to train for men because let’s be honest we hate to exercise our legs but for the ladies, it´s very easy because they just love to exercises this part of the body.

Even though is difficult to train them this is one the most important muscles because the more you train them the more it will give your body an aesthetic look.

During a home training with weights, your lower body will produce quite an amount of force, and it can be tremendous for your central nervous system and skeletal system.

Thus, it is necessary to rest your body parts in between two days of home exercises. There are a lot of workouts that you can try at home, a few of them are goblet squats, Romanian deadlifts, hip thrusters, single-leg squats, lunges, and calf raises.

5. Going for the six pack

To get the six pack you will need to start doing abs workouts at home; the best ones are the crunches, air bikes, for your obliques abs you can try oblique crunches, scissor kicks, side crunches and the cross crunch. For all these abs home exercises you can do two sets with 20 reps each set.

Remember the abs muscle is just like another normal muscle, so the recommended way is to train them and then let them rest for 48 hours.

For example is you trained them on Monday, the next day you will exercise them will be on Wednesday, with these tips and a proper diet you will see great results!!!

6. Cardio is Crucial

One the most important aspects in achieving your dream body is cardio, the most common question is “how to do it?” and “How much time should I do?”.

One the most recommended way to do cardio is, to begin with, 10 minutes before you start doing your home workouts routine so your body can start to warm up and then do 30 minutes after you finish your routine so you can increase the fat burning process.

There are differents ways you can practice cardio exercises at home, one of them is going out in your neighborhood for a walk but if you are not a big fan of it, you can buy a cardio machine and do cardio inside your house.

My favorite and cheapest way is using the boxing rope, for me is one the best, fun and effective ways to do cardio and it will increase the fat burning process in your body.

7. Nutrition the most important aspect

It does not matter how many abs crunches or how much weight your handling if you do not provide the proper nutrition for your body you will not see great results; this is the fuel in your body when it comes to home exercises.

In your diet, you need to include proteins, carbs, good fat and the proper supplements so your muscle can achieve their full development and potential.

In JT Homefit we have different sections where we will give you the most effective home exercises routines for upper body, lower body, cardio, of course an abs routines and the also the best nutrition recipes to fuel your muscles.

Check them out try them, and I bet you will see

great results!!




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