What is Cardio HIIT?

What is Cardio HIIT?

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All about CARDIO HIIT 

People who have been on weight losing spree try out many things to burn fat. Cardio training is an important part of any weight loss training program. When it comes to Cardio training programs, the latest buzzword in the field is Cardio HIIT.


While some people tend to call it by the name of Cardio HIT, but everyone agrees that there is nothing as reliable and as fast in burning fat as this charismatic cardio program.


What is it?

So, by now you must be pondering that what is it that makes Cardio HIIT such an excited cardio program. Well, Cardio HIIT or High-Intensity Interval training is a training technique that aims at keeping the heart high on the higher side using an intense burst of exercise, that is followed by short recovery periods.


The higher heart rate helps in burning more fat in less time, thereby making Cardio HIIT one of the most useful fats losing program available in the current times.

How to do Cardio HIIT

Now that you have understood what is Cardio HIIT, you must be wondering that how to do it? It does not require too much to be added to your regular exercise routine. You can still carry on with your regular cardio exercises, with an addition of two to three pauses at regular intervals.


These pauses should not last anything more than 30 seconds. With time and increasing your home fitness skills, you can add more intervals into your exercise regime.
For example of cardio HIIT, if you do your cardio workout like burpees, you can do that vigorously for 30 to 60 seconds and then take a break and walk for the next 60 seconds before you start another set of pushups with the same intensity.

Benefits of Cardio High

Intensity Training

If the whole world is running after Cardio HIIT to burn fat and lose weight, there have to be some excellent benefits offered by this type of exercise.


The first and most important benefit provided by Cardio HIT is losing of fat in a very short time and you can do it in your home workouts, as compared to other cardio or regular exercise programs. It helps you burn more calories at a much lesser time.

Other extra advantages are

• Can be done without any additional equipment. It helps you lose your weight by burning those extra calories, but it does not cause any loss of muscles.
• Getting the perfectly toned body without losing those hard-earned muscles becomes easier with Cardio HIIT.
• Last but not the least, it increases the metabolic rate of your body so fat burning increases.
• Also, helps in keeping the heart healthier.





  1. HIIT cardio is one of my favorite so is LIIT. I don’t like to rest when I do cardio. I want to make sure my heart is being used to burn that damn fat away! One of my favorites and is pretty simple to do is on the elliptical.

    You put the setting at 1 resistance. for 45 seconds you jog at a pace above a 7.0 which is easy on a low resistance as your legs wont burn. for the last 15 seconds you sprint as fast as you can. You keep repeating this cycle for 15-20 minutes. Its fantastic! well no cardio is. but it makes it more exciting. Just dont ever go below 7.0 speed!

    • Hi Kurtis!!

      HIIT cardio is also one of my favorite way to do cardio, is very different from the rest and also is very fun.
      My favorite way to do cardio HIIT is using a cardio rope. 20 seconds low intensity and then 40 seconds of high intensity for 20 minutes.

      You should try it someday

      Thanks for the comment and check out more of our articles!!!

  2. The first time I heard about HIIT was when insanity came out. However, you do a great job of explaining it here. What would you recommend for a beginner who is still out of shape, since HIIT can be very intense? Can you adjust the interval, or take a longer break?

    • Hi john thanks for the comment, What I recommend is to adjust the intervals not a longer a break, because one of the main goals of cardio HIIT is to do it in a short amount of time

  3. Wow, your before and after pictures look great! I think I’ll start incorporating some of these Cardio HIITs into my workout plan. Right now I usually just run, but it seems like adding in some High Intensity Interval Training would really help accelerate my results.

    I’ve got a goal to lose 10 pounds in 2017, so I’m glad I came across this early in the year. And anything that can help increase my metabolism is definitely worth a shot!

    You mentioned that doing burpees would work. Are there any other types of HIIT that you would recommend?


    • Hi nick, congratulations for your weight loss, yes cardio HIIT in one the best type of exercises for fat decrease, burpees is great exercise, also I practice cardio HIIT with the cardio rope for example I do 20 seconds slow and then 30 seconds at maximum capacity then I rest for 10 seconds is an effective way to burn fat, also you can try running.you can do the same intensity 20 seconds slow and then 30 seconds at maximum capacity then rest for 10 seconds. All these exercise you can do them for 15 minutes, with a proper diet you will see great results!!!

  4. I can see why this would be so popular today because when it comes to fitness, the main reason why people are taking up fitness programs is to lose weight.

    I think CardIo HIIT is very effective for weight loss, because not only does the metabolic rate increase when you are doing it but it stays that way hours after your workout, so you continue to burn calories long after you are finished.

    Not to mention the other benefits you get like looking and feeling better, having a healthier heart, I think Cardio HIIT is going to be here for the long term.

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