Why do we need Fat?

Why do we need Fat?

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Although the whole world runs after losing it, the fact is that fat is an essential part of human body and you cannot live without it.

SURPRISE! Fat is a naturally occurring oily substance that is found in animal and human bodies as a layer beneath the skin as well as around certain internal organs.

 It is a concentrated source of energy, and 1 gram of fat contributes nine calories to the body. A small amount of the right type one is required to stay healthy and fit.

The problem happens when massive amounts of the wrong type get stored in the body.


How it gets accumulated?

There are two types of fat – saturated and unsaturated. While saturated are the ones that the whole world wants to get rid of, you cannot live without unsaturated fats in your body.


A lot of food items that are available in the market or cooked at home contain high quantity of fat which is greater than what the body requires.


This additional one gets accumulated in the body in the form of saturated fat and causes conditions of obesity, high cholesterol levels, high blood sugar levels and other conditions that put the cardiac system under serious threat.

While talking of body fat, if you want to know that how is accumulate in your body, you need to understand the concept of calorie intake. A calorie is nothing but a unit of measure for body energy. Any food that you consume adds calories to the body.

Whenever you eat food that offers more calories than the body needs, the body stores the additional energy in the form of fat. That is how it gets accumulated in the human body.

Good vs bad

So now that you have understood the two different types, the next evident question is which one is good and which one is bad. Broadly speaking, the most beneficial ones are the unsaturated ones, like nuts, avocado, and peanuts.

This type of fat includes monounsaturated fat and polyunsaturated fatty acids. These ones help in reducing the risk of heart diseases as they lower the levels of triglycerides and cholesterols in the body.

Omega-3 fatty acid is an example of polyunsaturated fat which is famous for its heart heath benefits.
Saturated fats, i.e., the bad ones are majorly found in animal products like pork, meat, etc. as well as in various vegetable oils.

The saturated ones get accumulated in the body as their molecular structure helps them to clump together easily.


Owing to this clumping, the saturated molecules stick to the walls of the arteries and tend to clog them, thereby increasing chances of higher blood pressure.


In conclusion, the right amount of the good fat is essential for the body health, also when you are in a bulking season in order to grow you need to increase the amount of it into your organism, this will allow your muscle to grow and develop more quickly.




  1. Very informative article. I know that when people say or hear fat it is bad for the body and it can make you bigger. This article is against to them and this can help them knew the good fats and bad fats. Also the importance of the fats in our body. I have my cousin who keeps talking bad stuff about fats and it can make your body bigger but she didn’t know the true use of fats in our body. I’m gonna show this to her to make her learn new stuff about fats and fats are not bad for our body. Thank you!

    • thanks for the comment john, we have more plenty of articles with great tips and info you should check them out

  2. This is very amazing to hear because all that I have been hearing about is how to loose fat, but it is good to know that having fat is not all that bad because having a certain amount of fat is beneficial to the body. i know for sure that a certain amount of fat can keep your body much more warmer than a person who don’t have that much fat and I also learn that their are to kinds of fat. very interesting post.

    • thanks for the comment norman

  3. I try to limit the amount of saturated fat that I have as I would rather have the polyunsaturated and the monounsaturated fats.

    I like having salmon which has the Omega 3 fatty acids as it is good for the heart and salmon is very tasty and is one of my favourite fish.

    As long as you can limit the amount of saturated fat and eat more of the healthy fats, then you will be okay, because too much saturated fat in your diet can lead to many health problems later on in life.

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