What is glutamine

What is glutamine

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All you need to know about Glutamine

You may not know but the glutamine is most abundant amino acids in your body. If you are into fitness going to the gym or doing home workouts, the term amino acid may not be very new to you. If that is so, you must have heard about Glutamine as well.

What is it?

Glutamine is one of the most shared and abundant amino acids that is found in human muscles. As per researchers, about 61% of skeletal muscle is constituted with this element.

The benefits in the human body

It is evident as that this element contributes to the majority of the masculine mass, there are many advantages of this much talked about amino acid. Apart from helping in muscle growth, this amino acid has many other positive effects on your body. It is because of these benefits that Glutamine supplements are highly sought after by athletes and professional bodybuilders.

  • It helps the muscles from getting catabolized, i.e., being eaten up in a case of any illness.
  • Helps in replenishing the body with required amino acids that tend to get depleted after an intense workout session.
  • It contributes by increasing the immune system of the human body.
  • Is most useful in treating patients with burns.
  • Provides a¬†faster recovery as the muscles regenerated¬†with higher levels of Glutamine, thereby shortening the healing period for patients with an injury.
  • It is also useful in handling trauma or critical illness. While studies are yet to be confirmed, but it is widely believed that it reduces mortality rates for such patients.
  • HIV patients can gain weight by taking oral doses of Glutamine supplements. It also helps them digest their food better.
  • It reduces certain chemotherapy effects on your body, this includes swelling and soreness inside the mouth.
  • It is known to cure ulcers as well.

When is the best time to take


After learning so much about Glutamine, you must be getting restless now, as you want to try it out as early as possible. Well, you need to know when is the best time to use it so that you can get the major benefits out of it.

To get maximum results from a Glutamine dosage, you can take it once you finish your workout session, also before going to bed and after waking up in the morning.



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